Meet the team.
(effective Oct 1, 2019

Lt Governor

Tina Pegler

She has happily volunteered at the Kiwanis of Cape Coral thrift stores since 2008. She joined as a member in 2011 and chaired the Youth Services/Young Children Priority One committee for three years. She served as club/foundation president for the 2015/2016 term, part of the board of directors stewarding the Cape Coral club's' enterprises with a total value at 4 million. She is excited to expand her leadership role to Lt Governor of Division 19 and looks forward to providing inspiration and guidance sent to us from our Governor Todd Smith that will help us work together as a division to grow our division. Division 19 Kiwanians will increase our impact and our sense of fulfillment when we come together and share our successes.

Lt Governor-Elect

Foundation Trustee

Bruce Boyd

A former Key Club member, Bruce has been a Kiwanian for 53 years. During his career with Publix Supermarkets, he was a member of various Kiwanis clubs in Bradenton, and Naples. When he was transfered to Lehigh Acres in 1971, he was asked to join the Lehigh Acres Kiwanis club and did so. Since that time he has served on almost all club committess that there are and was club president four times. He was Lt Governor of Division 19 twice and in 2011 he was named Distinguishe Lt Governor and and given the Otis Jenkins Award. Bruce has served as Division 19's Florida Foundation Trustee since 2015.' has been Florida Foundation Trustee since 2015.

Immediate Past-Lt Governor

Mick Sheldrake

Lt Governor-Elect Candidate Needed for 2020-21
if you think you, or someone you know would make a good Lt Governor for the 2020-21 Kiwanis year, please let us know. Here are some of the aspects of the position:


Just as the club president is the leader of the club, the lieutenant governor is the leader of the division. The lieutenant governor invests balanced efforts in working with existing clubs and opening new clubs to strengthen Kiwanis within the communities in the division. This position is the connection between the clubs and the global Kiwanis organization when it comes to communication, resources, education opportunities and information. The lieutenant governor works closely with club leadership, specifically club presidents, to ensure that they feel supported and have access to information to continuously improve their members’ experience.

    • Familiar with communities in their division
    • Knowledgeable of basic Kiwanis club operations
  • Willing to learn and use Kiwanis online reporting
    • Aware of Kiwanis tools and resources
    • Organized and able to manage time well
    • Able to build relationships with club leaders within the division
    • Develops a division action plan, which includes a division growth plan
    • Serves as leader for the division growth team
    • Is accountable for meeting the membership growth goals for the division
    Most lieutenant governor duties support the four roles of the district:
    1. Supports and strengthens existing clubs
    2. Opens new clubs
    3. Delivers Kiwanis education to clubs, in coordination with Kiwanis International
    4. Delivers Service Leadership Programs and Global Campaign for Children programming to and through clubs