Meet the team.
(effective Oct 1, 2017

Lt Governor

Elizabeth Elaine

Lt Governor-Elect

Foundation Trustee

Bruce Boyd

Immediate Past-Lt Governor

Harris Segel

A Kiwanian since 1993, Harris has at one time or another served in every club leadership position, as a Florida Foundation trustee, as a District Chair and three times as Lt Governor of Division 19. As Lt Governor in both 2005-2006 and 2015-2016, he helped form new Kiwanis clubs (Fort Myers-Metro -now Metro-McGregor- and Bonita Springs Young Professionals)

Lt Governor-Elect Candidate Needed for 2017-18
if you think you, or someone you know would make a good Lt Governor for the 2018-19 Kiwanis year, please let us know. Here are some of the aspects of the position:


Just as the club president is the leader of the club, the lieutenant governor is the leader of the division. The lieutenant governor invests balanced efforts in working with existing clubs and opening new clubs to strengthen Kiwanis within the communities in the division. This position is the connection between the clubs and the global Kiwanis organization when it comes to communication, resources, education opportunities and information. The lieutenant governor works closely with club leadership, specifically club presidents, to ensure that they feel supported and have access to information to continuously improve their members’ experience.


Officer Installations

  • Sept. 15 - Lehigh Acres
  • Sept. 19 - LaBelle
  • Sept. 21 - San Carlos Park
  • Sept. 25 - Greater Pine Island
  • Sept. 26 - Gateway To The Islands
  • Sept. 28 - Fort Myers-Edison
  • Oct. 4 - Cape Coral
  • Oct. 11 - Bonita Springs
  • Oct. 12 - Metro-McGregor